Project programs

The Projects application is intended to be used with project programs. In order to use the program, the user must be assigned to the Project Management role.

Project programs are intended to combine several projects by a similar characteristic or parameter. The program allows for creation of a united budget for a set of projects, as well as for use of one management team, including a manager and co-managers of the program.

Creating and editing program properties

In order to create a program, open the Projects application and click Create program in any of the views. The user will then fill the following form in:

  • *Name — a short and unique name for the program.
  • Code — a code for the program.
  • Description — any given description of the program.
  • *Start date, End date — the period of the program.
  • *Manager — a managing user for the program.
  • Skip manager in timesheets approval — this parameter allows for ignoring of approval for time writing-off by the Program Manager and the Program Co-Manager.
  • Estimated budget — the united budget of the program.

Fill all the fields in and click Create.

Users are able to change the properties of the program by clicking Program properties in the program card:

Program Co-Managers

Co-managers of the program are intended to expand the managing team. The co-manager has similar rights as the manager.

In order to change the list of co-managers, execute the Program co-managers command in the Properties menu of the program card.

Managing projects in the program

User can to manage program projects by using the Projects tab of the program card:

In order to add a project into the program, click Include project and select a project. There are two requirements for adding projects into the program:

  • The project can’t have the following states: Archived or Cancelled.
  • The project shouldn’t be included in another program. In other words, if the user needs to move a project between the programs, they have to exclude it from the first one and then add it to the second.

In order to exclude a project from the program, select the required project and click Exclude Project, or use the Exclude Project command from the line.

In order to add or exclude projects, the user has to be assigned with program editing rights.

Projects included in the program are shown on a list. The view of this list can be adjusted by the user, i.e., various columns can be shown and hidden, and the order can be customized.

The working period filter is intended to complete two different tasks:

  1. It filters the project by the tracked time during the given period of time.
  2. It defines the calculation period for «*** in period» columns. For example, if the user selects «Current month», «Actual hours in period» will show the actual labor contribution for the current month.