Creating and editing the client

Clients application is intended to work with clients. The user has to be assigned with Client Management role in order to access the application. A new client can be created from any view by clicking Create client.

Properties of the client can be changed after the creation by using Client properties option in the card of the client:

Client properties

  • *Name — a short and unique name of the client.
  • Code — a code of the client.
  • Description — any given description of the client.
  • *Manager — the managing user of the client.
  • The website, phone, contact person, contact email — additional information about the client.
  • Mailing address (State, Zip code, City, and address) — additional reference information.
  • Billing address (State, Zip code, City, and address) — this information is used to add the address to the invoice.
  • Same as mailing address — this parameter allows copying the mailing address to the billing address field.

* — required field.

On the tab More, additional custom fields created by the System Administrator can be displayed.