Client management

Clients application is used to manage the projects. There are several views to find the required clients:

  • My clients — client with the current user assigned as a manager.
  • Active clients — all active clients.
  • All clients — the full list of clients without filters.

Client’s card

The card of the client provides access to the information and management features:

(1) — The name of the client.
(2) — Selection of the current lifecycle state (Active or Closed) and key indicators (labor contribution, revenues, and the cost).
(3) — Client setting command.
(4) — Tabs of the client, access to the tools and features.


The overview provides access to the analytical information about the specific client. Such information is gathered from all the projects of the same client.

There are two views of the client:

  • Dynamics. It allows showing the histogram with information about hours, cost, and revenues. All information is grouped by days, weeks, months or quarters.
  • KPI. A table with KPI for period.


Information about all the projects of this client:

Billing rates

Billing rates for the client can be chosen from the main list of rates:

Billing rates for the client allow creating an individual price-list by indicating the rates. When adding the billing rates to the project, the initial rate is taken from the rates defined for the client.

In order to add a billing rate, the user has to click Add billing rate and select the billing rate from the list.

In order to edit the rate the user has to select a line and click Edit button or use the corresponding line command:


  • Billing rate — the selected billing rate.
  • Initial rate — the initial rate effective until the change.
  • Effective date — the date when the new rate becomes effective. E.g. «2016/09/01» means that all calculations before the 1st of September are made using the initial rate, and after the 1st of September — using new rate.
  • New rate — the value of the new rate.


Information about expenses represents a summary of the approved expense requests divided by types of expenses:


Information about invoices represents a summary of all the invoices divided by the lifecycle statuses: