Project expense types

Types of project expenses can be found in the  Expenses tab of the Project card.

Types of project expenses are used to limit the number of types of expense request cards. Furthermore, the list of project expense types is used to plan expenses for the project.

The list of project expense types

Rates for the projects are chosen from the system classifier of expenses.

Parameters of the table:

  • Expense type — a name for the chosen expense type.
  • Estimated expenses — an estimated value for the type.
  • Actual expenses — a nactual value for the type. Editing is not allowed. Only approved expense requests of the project are added to this field.

Table and lines commands:

  • Add expense type — choosing and adding a new expense type.
  • Delete — deleting the type from the project. This operation will be canceled if the selected type has already been used in the project.
  • Disallow usage — removes the type from new expense requests.
  • Allow usage — adds the type to new expense requests.

Embedded type — Common type

At the moment of project creation «Common Type» is added automatically. If there’s no need to divide expenses by types, the user is recommended to use this type for planning and tracking of factual expenses.