Getting paid subscription

In order to get the paid subscription you need to perform two actions on your own: enter the payment information and order the subscription. In order to do that you need a user with administrative rights and enough permissions to control the subscriber.

Payment information entry

Go to System -> Settings -> Billing information.

Fill the following fields in:

  • Payer type — a legal entity or an individual.
  • Currency — your account currency. Payments in other currencies will be automatically converted. The currency can be changed only be sending a request to the Technical Support.
  • Country — the country where the subscriber pays taxes. The country can be changed only be sending a request to the Technical Support.
  • Contact first name — name of the contact person.
  • Contact last name — surname of the contact person.
  • Contact email — contact email. In case of electronic payments, this address will be used to send payment requests.
  • Contact phone — phone of the contact person.

Additional information for legal entities:

  • Company name — the official name of the company.
  • Company website — the official website of the company.
  • Company address — the official address of the company to send accounting documents.
  • Payment type — a wire transfer or using a payment gateway.
«Documents» section contains official documents: the billing rules, and the offer.

Subscription request

Go to System -> Account overview.

Execute Buy subscription action.

Type of subscription: an advance payment or any other amount. Enter the information about the subscription and click Create.

If you have chosen card payments in the settings (default option for private users), you will receive a payment request to your email address from an international payment gateway (usually it takes around 2 hours in order to check information about the payer).

If you have chosen the bank wire transfer in the settings, you will receive an email with a wire transfer request in the jurisdiction of the payer.