How to get started with the system installation

Delete demonstration data set

During the process of registration, the system creates a subscriber with the demonstration data set. Such demonstration data set is used to show all the features of the system in the clearest way.

You need to delete the demonstration data set before starting to use the system.

In order to delete the demonstration data set:

  • Open System application.
  • Open Settings section and choose Data deletion.
  • Enter «DELETE ALL DATA» in the text field in order to remove protection.
  • Click Delete data.
Access to this feature is granted for all the users with the Administrator role and enabled «Company management» feature.

As a result, all the data will be deleted from the system. You will have only one current user and the set of «default» data:

  • Basic working time schedule.
  • Standard entity approval paths.
  • Standard timesheet template with standard business rules.
  • Standard timesheet period for the system.
  • Standard permission sets (the current user will have all the permissions for all the roles).

System settings

After deletion of the demonstration data set the user has to perform the initial setting procedure of the system. It’s recommended to keep the following order:

  • Create departments: setting the organizational structure.
  • Create users: setting the users.
  • Add basic classifiers: activities, types of time-offs, types of expenses, billing rates (in case if there are T&M projects available).
  • If you plan to use invoices, you need to create templates.

After that you need to create:

  • Several clients: create and edit the customer.
  • Several projects: create and edit the project.

At this stage, the initial setting procedure is over and users are able to start working with the system.