Project tasks

Tasks can be found in the Tasks tab of the Project card.

Project tasks are intended to decompose works. The level of decomposition has to correspond with the time tracking requirements, e.g.:

  • No tasks, if the project is relatively small, and there’s no need to decompose works.
  • Tasks correspond to the stages of the agreement, if the project is planned and only key stages are tracked.
  • Tasks are divided by month — for the projects that involve various operations tracked on a monthly basis.
  • The task structure — for relatively complex projects, which require more detailed labor contributions and other indicator control.

Task editor


  • Planning — view of calendar planning. Available fields:
    • Name.
    • Start and End dates.
    • Resources.
    • Is finished.
  • Indicators — view for input and estimated values. Available fields:
    • Name.
    • Estimated hours.
    • Estimated cost.
    • Estimated revenue (for «Fixed bid» projects).
When using the Indicators view values in the columns are summed up when the parent task is collapsed.

Task properties

Task properties can be edited directly in the task list, as well as in a separate card:

  • Name — a name for the task. It’s recommended to use less than 50 characters.
  • Resources — multiple choices for the list of team members. There’s a special role — Project Team. By choosing this role the user is going to assign the entire team as a service provider for the project.
  • Start and End dates — the period of the task.
  • Description — any given description of the task.
  • Estimated hours, Cost and Revenue (available only for «Fixed bid» project) — estimated indicators of the project.
  • Time allocation is allowed — this parameter allows the user to select the task of the timesheet in order to track time.
  • Task is completed — this parameter indicates that all work is completed. It’s impossible to track time for a completed task.

Main task

The main task is automatically created during the process of project creation. The parameters of this task are synchronized with the parameters of the project. This task allows time tracking for the entire project without decomposing projects into several tasks.