Project management

In order to manage the project, the user has to launch the Projects application. There are several views, which can be used to find the required project:

  • My projects — projects where the current user is selected as the manager.
  • Active projects — all projects in an "In-progress" status.
  • Monitoring — projects with plan-fact analysis.
  • All projects — the full list of projects without filters.

The lifecycle of the project

Each project can have the following statuses:

  • Tentative. The initial status of the project. The project is being elaborated.
  • In-progress. The project is active, and work is being carried out.
  • Completed. All work is finished. Usually, the project is passing various final procedures in this status (report preparation, etc.).
  • Deferred. Work ir temporarily terminated.
  • Cancelled. Work is canceled. Usually, this means that there are no other procedures carried out, and all works are simply terminated.
  • Archived. This is an additional status. Usually, this status is assigned after the final stage of the project and the accounting of the results.

Project card

The project card provides access to all the information and project management features:

(1) — Name of the project.
(2) — Choosing the current status of the project lifecycle, and viewing key indicators (labor contribution, revenues, prime cost).
(3) — Project properties setting command.
(4) — Project tabs and access to various features.
(5) — Project overview.

Tabs of the project:

  • Overview.
  • Team.
  • Tasks.
  • Billing rates.
  • Expenses.