"Payroll" application overview


This application is available for all the users with the Payroll manager role.


This application is intended to provide administrative tools for the user. This application provides the comprehensive information about all the users of the system. It also provides forced execution of actions, i.e. forced approval, forced rejection, forced submitting, and set status to "Draft" of already approved entities. Forced commands make it possible to ignore already existing approval processes and validation rules.

Several examples of managing commands use:

  • An employee approved a special schedule for a day, and the Payroll manager has to ignore validation rules for the timesheet.
  • It’s required to edit an expense request that has been approved.
  • An employee is not available and the Payroll manager has to edit and immediately approve the timesheet on their behalf.
The list of available operations and customers is defined by the role model of the company and provided access rights.


    • All timesheets — the full list of timesheets for a company.
    • Overdue — the list of timesheets overdue for submitting .
    • All time-off — the full list of time-off request for a company.
    • Schedule — visual view of time-offs for a company.
    • All expenses — the full list of expense requests for a company.
    • All users — the full list of user profiles for a company.