My team -> Subordinates

The supervisor has access to the information about subordinates and their work overview.

The Payroll manager has access to the information about all employees in the Payroll application.

The list of employees

The list of employees makes it possible to review key indicators of employees during the selected period of time.:

Available indicators:

  • Labor contribution (Hours);
  • Revenues (calculated for T&M projects);
  • Cost;
  • Utilization;
  • Paid utilization.

This list may be addended with the following additional columns of information about the user: location, email, phone, department, and manager.

The profile of the employee

General information

General information can be provided by the Administrator of the system. This profile information is available for reading only:


Skills of the user is the list of the skills of a specific employee.

Permission to add skills and change their level can be given only for the users with Supervisor and Administrator roles.

In order to add skills, you need to click the Add Skills button, choose the required skills, and click Add:

In order to delete a skill, one needs to click Delete skill:

It’s impossible to delete a skill if it was already evaluated in one of the projects.

In order to evaluate the skill, the user needs to choose the number of stars in a range from 1 to 5:

In order to delete the evaluation, one needs to choose Delete assessment:

Summary and dynamics of work

This section offers similar features as Team or employee work overview.