Using stopwatches

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It is worth noting that the Stopwatch is an alternative way to fill in the timesheet. When the user starts working on a task, they can start the Stopwatch. At the same time, when the task is finished, they can stop the Stopwatch. As a result, the exact amount of hours and minutes counted by the Stopwatch will be added to the timesheet cell.

Please note that the Stopwatch feature of our software can be disabled. The feature can be enabled by the users in their personal settings, as well as by the system administrator in the user card

Starting and stopping the Stopwatch

One can start the Stopwatch from the timesheet cell for the current day.

The start button is located in the section with quick time entry buttons:

When the Stopwatch is started, an indicator is displayed in the timesheet cell that was used to start the Stopwatch:

In addition, the Stopwatch operation indicator is displayed on the action bar (in the upper-right corner of the screen):

Индикатор счетчика времени на панели действий предоставляет дополнительные возможности управления счетчиком:

  • One can easily pause and resume the Stopwatch by pressing the Pause and Resume buttons..
  • Various options to terminate the Stopwatch (additional section of the Finish button):
    • Finish — the Stopwatch will be stopped, and the amount of the tracked time will be added to the cell.
    • Finish and cancel — the Stopwatch will be stopped without adding the time to the cell.
    • Finish and overwrite — the Stopwatch will be stopped, and the value in the cell will be replaced with the current amount of tracked time.