Time-off schedule

The time-off schedule is used to represent information from time-off requests in the form of a schedule. The schedule can be found in the  My team and Payroll applications.

The My team application shows only the subordinates of the current user. The Payroll application shows all the users of the system.

Control elements

  1. The user is able to switch to the previous or next month. The Today button moves the user to the current month.
  2. The department filter makes it possible to limit the number of employees in the schedule.
  3. Hints about the time-offs and the users can be seen by clicking. The user is able to see the general information and a link to a Time-off request or the User’s profile.

Schedule legend

  1. Non-business days of the user (according to their calendar) are shown with section lining.
  2. The color of the day represents the current status of the time-off request:
    • Gray — draft.
    • Orange — on approval.
    • Green — approved.
    • Red — rejected.
  3. Lettering — time-off code.