Working with time-off requests

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In order to use this feature, it’s required to have rights for the User role with the active Timesheets granule.

Purpose of the feature

Time-off requests were created to track vacations, sick days, and other absence cases of the employee. Data from time-off requests is important for load planning, utilization calculation, and can be used to build a vacation schedule. Time-off requests require the approval process.

Lists of time-off requests

One can use the navigation panel of My work application to find the «My time-offs» section with the following lists of time-off requests:

  • Submitted* — this feature opens a list of time-off requests sent by the user for approval, which are not approved yet.
  • To approval* — this feature opens a list of time-off requests that require approval from the current user.
  • Rejected* — this feature opens a list of time-off requests that were rejected during the approval process.
  • All requests — this feature opens a complete list of all time-off requests for all periods and with any state.

* — these lists are displayed only if there are suitable time-off requests. The number indicates the number of time-off requests in the list.

Time-off request states

  • Draft — this is the initial state; the request can be edited only at this stage.
  • On approval — the request is in the process of approval.
  • Approved — the request has been successfully approved and tracked.
  • Rejected — the request was rejected during the approval process.

Creating a time-off request

There are two ways to create a time-off request:

  1. Open the All requests list and press the Create a request button on the dashboard.:

  2. Open any timesheet in the «Draft» state and use the additional menu of the Add a string button to choose Add a time-off request:

The user will see a form for creating a time-off request

  • Type of time-off is the classifier that allows choosing an option from the list (the time-off type classifier is configured by the WorkPoint administrator).
  • Start and End — the start and end dates of the time-off period. The user can specify the duration of the working day, which is included in the time-off: a full day, ¾, ½, ¼ of the day from the applicant’s schedule, or any other duration in hours. By using this way, the user can create a part-time request.
  • Time-off duration by day chart is a summary of the duration of time-off with an indication of the number of hours for each day and the number of non-working days.
  • Existing requests in the period feature is a list of already created requests for the chosen period (if there are any). It is forbidden to create time-off requests with overlapping periods.
  • The gray area displays general information about the number of working and calendar days in the time-off request

Fill out the form and click Create. The time-off request card will be shown

The user can enter additional information in the time-off request card:

  • Change dates feature allows the user to edit the time-off period.
  • Description is an additional description of the time-off request for the approving users.
  • Attachment area allows the user to attach a file to the time-off request (for example, a vacation application or a scan of a sick list).

The list of approving users for the time-off request is generated automatically and depends on the approval route specified in the WorkPoint settings

To start the process of approval for the time-off request, click Submit

Displaying the time-off request in the timesheet

Time-off requests are considered a part of the working time tracking process. The timesheet contains information about both project work and time-off, which allows the user to holistically evaluate the work of an employee.

Information about time-off is displayed in the timesheet in a separate section of the timesheet:

There are two rules:

  1. One cannot create, edit or delete a request for a period with an approved or currently reviewed timesheet. First, one needs to terminate the approval process or return it for editing (if it has been approved).
  2. It is impossible to send a timesheet for approval if there’s an unapproved request. First, one needs to approve the request.

Working with rejected time-off requests

If a time-off request was rejected by one of the approving users, it will change its state to «Rejected» and will be displayed in the «Rejected» list.

Such requests can be deleted or edited taking into account the comments of the approving users and sent for approval again.

To delete a rejected time-off request:

  1. Open the request card.
  2. Click the Delete button on the dashboard.

To edit a rejected time-off request:

  1. Open the request card.
  2. Click the Edit button on the dashboard.
  3. Make changes to the request and re-send it for approval.