"My team" application overview

This application is available for all users with the  Supervisor role.


This application was created for line managers. All the information in the  My team application is limited to the circle of subordinates of the user.

Subordinates of the user are the users of the system assigned to the manager, as well as their own subordinates (i.e. all downline employees in the hierarchy).

This application is intended to control filling of the timesheet in a timely manner, filling off time-offs and to evaluate the overall performance of subordinates. This application makes it possible to create an expense request or a time-off request on behalf of a subordinate as well as to edit the timesheet of the subordinate.

The list of available operations depends on the role model of the company and provided user permissions.


    • *Overdue — the list of timesheets of subordinates in the draft state with the exceeded Due date.
    • All timesheets — the full list of timesheets of subordinates.
    • All time-off — the full list of time-off requests from subordinates.
    • Schedule— information about the current time-off situation in the team.
    • All expenses — the full list of expense requests from subordinates.
  • TEAM
    • Work overview — key performance indicators from the team.
    • Subordinates — the full list of subordinate users with their profiles and work overviews.

*The list is shown only when it contains at least one element.