Report view settings

The view of the report defines the set of visible columns, the grouping and the calculated columns.

In order to set the view, the user needs to open a report and click View settings button on the action panel:

View settings form:

(1) Report type — defines the data source, i.e. columns, which can be used in the report.
(2) Template — one can set the view settings on their own or choose a template created by the administrator.
(3) Data source columns — defined by the type of the report.
(4) Columns — the chosen columns, which are used as an analytics.
(5) Values — columns, which are used as values.
(6) Row grouping — columns, which are used to group the rows of the final report.
(7) Column grouping — columns, which are used to group the columns of the final report.

Choosing columns

In order to add a column into the report, the user needs to find a required one in the source or calculated columns, marks it or dragging into the required area of the report. One can delete the column by removing the mark or by clicking [x] button (appears under the cursor):

One can change the order of columns in the report by dragging the column into required position: