Using reports

By using reports, one can create a selection, group information for analysis, and export the data from the system.
Basic terms:
  • New report — this tool is used to create a report.
  • Personal report — this is a saved report, which can be accessed only by the author.
  • Common report — this is a saved report that was created by the administrator and can be used by all users.
  • Report template — this template is created by the administrator and can be selected in View Settings of different reports, as well as to choose settings and default filters.

Creating a report

All reports have to be created in the Analytics app. Open the list of reports — Click Create report on the action panel:
You will see ‘New report’ page and the request to adjust the View Settings.

New report

New report feature allows making a selection of the data or finds information without saving a report.
New report is a personal report of the user. It is not shown in the list of saved reports, its name can’t be changed, and it can’t be shared with other users. However, it has a specific navigation element:
New report item will appear at the moment of the report creation and will disappear when the New report is deleted or saved.

Saved reports

Saved reports can be found in  My reports and All reports lists.
In case if you plan to use the New report in the future, you need to save it as a personal report.
In case if the user has required rights, they can save New reports as a common report or as a template.
In order to save New report, one needs to click Save as... on the action panel:
Choose the name of the report and click Save:
One can change the name of the report by clicking on the header on the report page. Change the name and click Save: