Integration with MS Project


The special integration plugin for MS Project is intended to publish a project from MS Project in WorkPoint and allows loading of the actual hours from WorkPoint to MS Project.

Please contact our Customer Support in order to get the plugin installation file.

Usage scenarios

  1. The project manager creates a project in MS Project, adding required resources and allocating tasks.
  2. The project manager publishes the project in WorkPoint, transmitting the following information:
    1. Information about the project
    2. A team for the project
    3. Tasks of the projects, including allocated resources
  3. The manager of the project continues to manage the project in MS Project.
  4. The editing of the tasks is allowed only in MS Project. All the changes made in WorkPoint will be rewritten.
  5. The team members use WorkPoint to track time.
  6. The project manager updates it on a permanent basis. At the very same time, WorkPoint gets updated information on the tasks and sends information about the factual labor intensity of the project.
  7. The project manager uses MS Project to track the overall progress.
Information about the planning of resources (planned load in the predefined period in MS Project and allocation of resources in WorkPoint) is not synchronized.

Publishing the project

Create a project in MS Project and save it. Open Project ribbon, and chose WorkPoint group. Click the Publish button to publish the project:

The user needs to enter credentials only once during the first session under a specific Windows account. In the case that you open the file on a different computer or under a different windows account, as well as in the case that you don’t use the integration for a long time, you will need to enter credentials once again.

Choose the type of payment for the project and click Publish:

Updating the project

Click the Update button to publish the project:

The update will start immediately.

Opening the project

Use the Open button to open the WorkPoint project page in the browser.

Comparing the data


From MS Project to WorkPoint.

Microsoft Project Field WorkPoint Field
Filename Name
File Comments Description
Start Start Date
Finish End Date

Project team

From MS Project to WorkPoint.

During the process of project synchronization with WorkPoint, the project team is created. The team includes all the resources indicated in the MS Project file. At the same time, WorkPoint adds only resources available in WorkPoint. The comparison of the resources is made using email address. In other words, WorkPoint doesn’t create or support universal users.

Warning! When the user removes a resource from MS Project, a team member is deleted from the project in WorkPoint.

During the process of synchronization, all the information about the allocated resources is transmitted to WorkPoint. At the same time, only information about the resources included in the team on WorkPoint is transferred.

Actual information on the tasks

From WorkPoint to MS Project.

WorkPoint Field Microsoft Project Field
Actual Hours Actual Work
Actual Time Entry Min Date Actual Start
Actual Time Entry Max Date Actual Finish


How to the MS Project file publish to a new WorkPoint project?
The project file after the publication is associated with the project in WorkPoint. The WorkPoint project Id is stored in a file property named WpProjectId. To disconnect a file from a WorkPoint project, you must delete this property. To do this, go to the «File» -> «Details» -> «Project Information» -> «Advanced Properties». Find the property in the list and delete it.