Timesheet types

WorkPoint supports two types of timesheets: Table (standard) view and log timesheet.

Table (standard) view timesheet — the most popular type that looks like a table with the tasks in rows and time tracking in columns on a daily basis. This is the layout of the standard timesheet:

Log view timesheet — looks like a sequence of actions with the indicated working tome for task completion. This is the layout of the log timesheet:

Which timesheet fits your needs?

  • Table view timesheet is perfect when a user has not more than 15-20 tasks for a given period of time (e.g. for a week). In such case, the user has to select just one task and add labor contribution on a daily basis.
  • Log view timesheet can be useful when the standard one is not enough. For example, let’s imagine that an employee is providing accountant consultations to the flow of the customers. There are many different customers with a lot of specific questions. In the conditions of real work such employee can complete up to 100 unique tasks per week, and each of such tasks has to be recorded separately, using a billing system with detailed operations list. In such situation, it’s much easier to record each operation as a separate row using the log timesheet. At the very same time, this process requires more time because the user has to select the task for every operation.