Which projects can be selected by the user in the timesheet?

In order to track working time for a project task, the user has to select it in the timesheet.

The list of available tasks depends on the following conditions:

  1. The project shouldn’t be in Cancelled or Archived states, i.e., it has to be active.
  2. The author of the timesheet (not the current user) has to be added into the project team (directly as a user or as a member of a department).
  3. The member of the team associated with the timesheet author has to be assigned to the task, or the Project team role has to be selected as the responsible party for the task.
  4. The task has to be active (not closed).
  5. The task has to allow time tracking. The user has to enable the «Time allocation is allowed» feature in the task form (it’s enabled by default). The user has to enable the «Allow time allocation on main task» feature in the project (disabled by default).
  6. In the case that it’s a «Time and materials» project, there must be at least one billing rate (in the Billing rates tab), and this billing rate must be assigned to a member of the team or Project team role.