Release 2.15.0 (platform)

New features and main changes:

  • Role planning feature implemented.
    • System application added to the list of project roles.
    • The new role can be added to the project team.
    • The new role can be added for the responsible employee or for the billing rate.
    • Resource allocation planner is added with the roles in ‘Projects’ representation. The user is able to allocate resources to such roles.
    • User role changing dialog has been added.
      Project roles allow creating a project, add tasks and plan resource allocation without choosing specific users. The role can be changed with a specific user the moment a required decision is made.
  • Improved project team user and department adding interface.
  • Administrator set of rights is added with ‘Project role’ granule.
  • ‘Allocation of resources’ report is added with the measuring unit selection feature (FTE or hours). Subordinated departments can be included in the department filter.
  • Improvements and updates:

    • Fixed the timesheet row access right error for the managers of the second and the following levels.
    • Fixed the calculation of actual working hours in ‘Allocation of resources’ report for resources included in the project team using their department.