Release 2.16.0 (platform)

New features and main changes:

  • The multicurrency functionality has been added to the expense requests. The user is able to choose the currency of incurred expense, while the total amount will be shown in the Base currency of the company.
  • Separate columns for the currency, currency value and the basic currency value have been added to ‘Expense requests (detailed)’ report.
  • The information about the hourly limit in the schedule has been added to the timesheet form: a limit reaching indicator, and hints, which are shown when the user hovers the cursor over the header of the table timesheet.
  • ‘Information about planning’ report has been added with the representation units selection: hours or percent.

Improvements and updates:

  • The error ‘Data was changed on the server side’ that appeared in the timesheets as a specific condition has been fixed.
  • Improved representation and caching of the profile images.
  • Expense request supports choosing of the applicant (when created by the manager) from the entire list of the subordinates according to the hierarchy.
  • The visibility of the rows in the timesheet depends on the subordination hierarchy, i.e. the manager is able to view the timesheets of their subordinates in the entire hierarchy (in case if the required right were provided).
  • For several tabs stopwatch synchronization have been added.
  • Other minor updates and improvements.