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A schedule is a work time schedule of the employee. Schedules are used to show holidays in various views, business rules execution, analytics etc.

Adding new schedule

Go to the Schedules list. Use the action dashboard to execute Create schedule command. Enter the name of the schedule and click Create.

Schedule setting

There are two types of schedule: weekly and custom. The weekly schedule contains 7 days.

The weekly schedule allows setting the length for each day of the week:

  • Name — a name of the schedule.
  • Schedule days — the length of the schedule.
  • Description — a short description of the schedule.
  • Entity is active — makes it active (inactive schedules can’t be chosen by the user, but it can be used.)
  • Schedule is default — this parameter defines the default schedule, which is automatically selected for new users. In order to make a schedule default one, you need to click Set as default in the action panel.

The length of the working day shall be set in hours (from 0 to 24). Non-integral values can be used.

The custom schedule requires the first day of the period, which is going to be used to sum different parts of it up, and for the general schedule. For example, here’s the schedule for an employee, who works on every fourth day (the schedule starts on January 1st, 2017):

Schedule exceptions

Holidays and other exceptions can be added on Exceptions tab:

  • Date — the day of exception.
  • Name — the name of the exception.
  • Duration — duration of the working day. It can be 7 hours for a short day or 0 hours for a non-working day.

Applying the schedule

Each schedule has to be applied for a specific user. Find more here: Setting up the user.