Timesheet validation rules

System -> Timesheets -> Validation rules

Timesheet validation rules are used to define checking of the timesheet validity before submitting for approval. The validation is carried out at the moment of timesheet sending for approval. The user will see the list of warnings and errors.

The administrator is able to create the unlimited number of rules, and use them in timesheet templates.

Adding new rule

Open the Validation rules list. Click Create rule on the action panel. Define the Name of the new rule and its type, and press Create button.

Available rule types:

Type Description
Day duration Allows setting the maximum number of hours to be tracked during one day.
Day duration based on schedule Allows setting the maximum deviation from the schedule of the user (upward or downward). 0 — strictly follow the schedule.
Submit date Allows setting the maximum number of days before the end of the timesheet when it can be sent for approval. 0 — can be sent only on the last day of the timesheet period.
Timesheet lines count Allows setting the minimum number of rows in the timesheet. 0 — an empty timesheet.
Timesheet required fields Allows setting Activity and Billing rate fields as required.

Configuring the rule

General parameters:

  • Name — name of the rule.
  • Description — a text description.
    • Level — the level of the rule.
    • Error — the user will be forced to remove the mistake from the timesheet.
  • Warning — the user will be notified about the problem, but they will be able to ignore such notification.
  • Entity is active — makes it active (inactive entities can’t be chosen).