Setting up the organizational structure

The organizational structure consists of two key elements:

  1. Subordination hierarchy. This one is based on the user-supervisor connection. It’s used in the role model of the Supervisor (in order to define the list of subordinates), during the process of approval paths calculation etc.
  2. Department hierarchy. This one is based on the department structure. It’s used mainly for analytic purposes in order to provide information for departments.

Setting up the user

In order to choose the organizational structure for the user, you need to open the card of the user ( Setting up the user).

Choose the department and the supervisor by filling the corresponding fields in:

Only supervisors who won’t create an iterative reference are offered on the list. In other words, there are no subordinates of the current user.

Setting up departments

System -> Users -> Departments

Adding a department

A department can be added from the list by executing Create department command from the department list.

Editing a department

Department card:

  • Name — a unique name.
  • Code — a department code.
  • Member of — the parenting department (can be chosen from the department list).
  • Entity is active — defines the department as active (actual).
Member of  field allows choosing only departments, which won’t create an iterative reference. In other words, there are no subordinated departments of the current one.