System settings

System -> Settings


Display name — the name of the tenant. This name is used to show the system in the interface, in order to for report headers etc.

Payment information

Allows to define the contact information of an employee responsible for the payments for the system usage, as well as to indicate the credentials.

More information —  Getting paid subscription.


General settings:

  • Default time zone — chosen for all new users by default. This time zone is used as a system time.
  • Default language — chosen for all new users by default. This language defines the format of the date, numbers etc.
  • Currency — base currency of the system. 
  • VAT support — enables VAT in invoices. 


Domains are used to create email addresses (logins) for the users and define the affiliation of the user to a company.

Only one domain can be chosen as the main one. This is the first domain created during the registration process.

You need to contact Support in order to change the domain.

Click Add Domain in order to add a new one. Enter the name of it and click Add:

Only a corporate domain can be added. The domain has to be confirmed after adding. Until then it’s impossible to use it in the system.

In order to confirm the domain, you need to choose Confirm option in the line menu. In order to confirm the domain, you have to receive an email to one of the offered addresses and click on the link. Choose an email and click Send:

The email with the confirmation link will be sent to the indicated address. You will be able to start using the domain after the confirmation.

Additional (not main) domains can be easily removed. In order to do that click Delete in the menu.

Data deletion

By using this feature you can delete all information about the user from the system. You can find more information about getting started and using the demonstration data set here:  How to get started with the system installation?