Interface overview

All applications of the system are based on a similar model:

  • (1) Application menu can be used to select an application.
  • (2) Action menu contains the most important contextual commands.
  • (3) User menu allows changing of various preferences.
  • (4) Navigation menu can be used to select a required list or a form inside the application.
  • (5) Working area is used to show various data: entity cards, dashboard or lists.


An application is a part of the system that allows solving of specific tasks. The application can be chosen using (1) Application menu. The application menu can be opened by left-clicking on the name of the current application (in the upper left corner).

Important! The list of available applications depends on the current user rights.
  1. My work — the main application available to each and every user of the system. It’s used to fill timesheets, declare time-off, and make expenses requests. Each entity can be approved using the My work application.
  2. My team — an application available for users with the Supervisor role. It looks similar to the My work application, but it provides access to all entities the are subordinates, and can perform various actions on their behalf.
  3. Clients — an application available for users with the Client management role. This application provides access to the client management tools.
  4. Projects — this application is available to users with the Project management role. It provides access to the project management process.
  5. Billing — this application is available for all users who have the Billing manager role. It provides access to information about the current state of payments and invoice management.
  6. Payroll — this application is available for all users with the Payroll role. It allows managing of all the entities on the company level, and performs forced operations, i.e., approval, rejection, or editing.
  7. Reports — this application is available for all users who have enough rights to view reports. It allows creating and executing of various reports.
  8. System — this application is available for all users with the Administrator role. It provides access to the settings and process of system configuration.